This TV good for gaming?

Found 20th Feb 2011
I recently posted asking which to get a 50Hz or a 100Hz TV, and I have gone towards the 50Hz one. So I was wondering do you think this TV will be good for gaming on the Xbox 360 and for Sky +HD

Samsung LE40C530 40-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD TV with Freeview…mtd

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would be perfectly fine tbh, 50hz is the native rate of the games nayway so your playing them the way they were made though a lot of people say extra Hz are better for gaming i have never cared, 100hz might reduce some blurring but are you realistically gna notice... i have only ever done so on gran tourismo when there was scrolling text on a homescreen which had a little trail

the set gets good reviews for image quality so i dont really know what more you would need for it to be good for gaming specifically, all these attributes which allude to good gaming sets are over analysed i have found

i have played xbox on TV's with supposedly high input lag (bad for gaming) but the difference isd so minimal, your internet connection makes all the real difference for things like COD etc and online games where this would impact...

you could probably scrimp aroudn and find sumthign that little bti better in your budget eventually but the TV is very good really and its always nice to deal with a deent company and amazon really arent bad
Might not be great for football but would be great for the hammer throw.

100hz adds artificial frames so you see things on the screen that aren't … 100hz adds artificial frames so you see things on the screen that aren't actually happening in the game.

Not going to see them are you, the refresh would have come and gone before your brain could process it.
I have a 50hz LED, and it works great for all the games I have played on it... Blacks ops, Assasins creed brotherhood, PES 11,... ETC
tv are only good for making ppl zombies

tv are only good for making ppl zombies

In english?
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