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    Hi there,
    I've been looking round everywhere I can think of, and the cheapest I can get a PS3 is Argos for £293, 80gb with Killzone 2 and GT5 Prologue.
    I plan to play killzone for a day or two, then take it to CEX and get £27 for it, which reduces the price to £266.

    Anyone know any better deals, ideally I'd rather a deal with Play TV and an extra controller, but those type of deals seem to have disappeared.

    Thanks in advance


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    Oh, and quick addition - I've been umming and ahhing over a 60Gb one from CEX for £290, which is obviously pre-owned, but still has a 12 month warranty.
    Anyone thinks that's worth it in contrast to a brand new 80gb non-ps2 compatible one?

    ive been looking arround myself. the deals are rubbish at the mo. i did read that there was a price drop on the cards in april, may be worth waiting a few days. i will post if i come across a good deal. im going to try sainsbury later as im sure i notice an offer there a week ago. will let you know

    i have a brand new and never used box still sealed 80gb ps3 for sale with receipt, for pick up only though if your local to the north west??? £230

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    Good offer mate, and I wish I was around the corner because I'd have it. But it'd cost me more in fuel to get it off you than it would to get it from Argos.

    lol no worries mate worth a try as i couldnt see your location, good deals come up on play now and again so keep your eye on that

    I'm in the same boat mate, I've even got SF4 next to me waiting to be played on a console!

    How about this, If i spot a deal i'll send you a message and if you spot a deal you'll send me one.

    The best I can see at the moment is around 275 Killzone 2 package at Play with the RAC code. That's the best I got.

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    That'd drop it to £247 with killzone taken to CEX - what's the RAC code?

    You're on anyway - I'll keep searching all weekend, and will post up what I've found.

    Can search the forums for the RAC code, its a bit more complicated then just a code.

    Just spotted this deal:…-a/

    Now you can get killzone 2 with a hdmi cable and another reasonable game for £300.

    As you'll probably buy a HDMI Cable anyhow, not a bad deal.

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    Just a quick update, I still can't find anything better than we've already covered above.

    Still likely to go with Argos.
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