this wii fit thing.

    have i missed the boat then or what.

    am i going to find one at a reasonable price or should i save my cash and sanity untill the hype dies down.

    that is all lol

    thank you


    Save your money. I still get more use out of mario kart, wii sports and zelda than
    this ( and it cost the same as those put together in effect!! )
    Be proud to have missed the boat and wait :thumbsup:

    wait dont pay £60 over the odds just think what you could do with the extra cash

    the price is bound to drop once the original rush is over!

    Original Poster

    ty all


    Or if your desperate enough to buy a Used one..Ill sell mine for 95 inc postage!

    Original Poster

    kiss it LOL. i dont pay over the odds for aNYTHING, BUT CHEERS FOR DROPPING THE PRICE A FIVER FOR ME LOL


    Ah Dayam.
    Oh well Looks like its keepsy for me!

    GTA Tonight!
    Get that instead! It Rules!
    Cant Wait!

    Is this out of stock? I was under the impression, that this was readily available in high street stores for £70 or under.
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