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Hello I am flying with Thomas cook and I am hoping to save a few pounds by only taking hand luggage. I know I will only have 6 kgs so my question is on their website it says ladies can take a small handbag as well but I can't find what they class as a small handbag and would this get weighed as part of my baggage allowance?
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Sounds sexist to me.
I think you’ll be allowed a laptop bag, you can shove some stuff in it as long as you can get it under the seat
Thanks I flew with First Choice last year and just took my normal handbag but I had a package deal including 15kgs luggage with them so I dont know what TC consider small.
Just flew TC a few days ago and both ladies and gents are allowed to take an additional small bag which is not subject to any weight check so stuffed heavy items in this bag. Please note that they will weigh your hand luggage at check in time and randomly before boarding your plane.
reading their t&c, it would appear that the ladies' handbag is not weighed as part of the 6kg allowance

i guess it just means handbags so anything that they consider not to be a handbag where you have taken it with you for the purpose of putting more luggage in would be considered too big. it is subject to their opinion of whether you have broken the rule so i would say that the bigger shoulder bags would not be considered.
For an easy straight to the point answer I would ring Thomas cook store
thanks for all your comments
I don’t know what you were looking at but according to their website it does not say anything about ladies purse it says:

You may also bring one of the following items on board with you; a small handbag, a laptop/tablet including case or an umbrella.

Check this link for full details:…ge/
The rules are that the bag must fit under the seat. You can’t put a big bag under the seat and your feet so be sensible as they will make you check it in otherwise and you’ll be charged a ridiculous sum of money.
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