Thomas Cook Flights - Optimum booking date

I want to book 2 seats on a Cardiff to Sanford flight with Thomas Cook in September. The current price looks pretty good but I can't help waiting to see if I can get a better deal (after school hols). However, will get it in the neck from 'er indoors if it goes up, or heaven forbid, is full!! When is the optimum time to book? Anyone from Thomas Cook out there...


I find that about 6 weeks before is the best time, after 4 weeks they always up the price as business users will pay whatever they must if they have to travel at short notice. Book it now or you'll regret it.

what specific dates you looking at?

you have to look every day and judge - I booked a little too early from cardiff to sanford and paid £659 they then went down to £599 then £549, dont want to look anymore - but my flights are for 3 weeks and they are in August, when we were coming back last year the Cardiff Flight going out on the 1st wk of September was something like £129, so you could wait really as they dont fill up like the August ones do and chance that it will come down, although once it comes down and they start to ssell they go back up again, that is why you have to look every day - good luck and happy holidays
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