Thomas Cook nightmare!

    I found on the Thomas Cook website that they had an offer on Hitlon Hotels so I thought a break away would be a good idea.
    Clicked the link to see if it was available on sunday night and it was- great!
    I couldnt book anything then until I knew I could get the time off work so yesterday morning I checked again.
    This time, after a ten minute wait it said that the rooms were not available. agghhhhh!
    So I got my father to phone Thomas Cook as I couldn't and they told him the rooms were available.

    So last night at 7pm I decided to go ahead and book. Searched for the hotel only for it to take 20 mins to find it, the room was available, clicked book it and then it did nothing for 10 mins. so I resubmitted, only for it to say the room was not available.

    I had had enough so phoned Thomas Cook, explained to them that I wanted to book the hotel and also wanted to use the £30 off code as advertised on their site.
    The advisor told me that the hotel didn't exist on their site!!! So they are saying that they could not find the hilton hotel which is advertised on their homepage on their system!
    After an hour on the phone, being put through to different departments and ending up with expedia as apparently it was them offering the hotel ( go figure!!) the rooms were available! But without the £30 discount!!!!!
    I was having none of it!
    So I decided to have one last attempt at 9.30 to book it online and hey presto! it all worked nicely!
    I was getting so angry though, as it should only have taken 10 minutes to book not 2.5 hours!

    In all fairness though they were pretty good as when I booked the room I also paid for transfers from the airport which cost £30. I then reaslised that for £15 more I could have a hire car, so I called them up told them I wanted to cancel the transfer and rent a car...all done nice and swiftly no questions asked!!

    Summary: Thomas cook website rubbish, hotel was available, then unavailable, then available. took 2.5 hours to book but they were great changing my transfer to a hire car.

    Sorry had to vent my frustration somewhere!!!


    Some other bloke on here had a real nightmare with this offer, I think it was an error by them to offer £30 off any booking and they tried to move the goalposts later, naughty.

    Original Poster

    the £30 off was for hotel bookings made over £150 and they also offered £50 off for flight and hotel bookings made at the same time!

    The hotel section of the Thomas Cook website is essentially a rebranded expedia, Thomas Cook charge a bit more, but the 30 quid offer makes up for this.
    Expedia pays better through Quidco, not sure if you can get the Thomas cook 30gbp discount and quidco, anyone had success with that?
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