Thomas The Tank

    Help!! I spotted this Christmas ornament on flea bay…837
    and have decided I would really like to get one similar for my little man, but with a Thomas that actually moves around the Christmas tree. I don't ask for much do I !!! Have searched and searched on the internet but can't find anything even close. Rep for ALL who help. Thanks x


    I've searched and can't find anything. I'm thinkng they don't make them.

    I've had a good look around and the only one I can find is this…BU2

    but its in America!

    Maybe you could make up your own, you can buy Xmas Thomas Trains in this country and track is easy to get, so how about looking at that idea?

    Original Poster

    I'm thinking they don't make them either Em. Thanks for the suggestion Kazzy but didn't want one to go round the bottom of the main tree, more like a pot or china ornament with a moving one around the bottom.
    Rep for both of you for trying, thanks x
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