Thompson DTI6300

    I'm looking at the above, the 160 gig version, seen it on Amazon for 81 delivered but they have now sold out, next best thing been 89 at Comet & Tesco

    I know these have got some iffy reviews, but I don't fancy Sky, can't get Virgin, don't fancy paying over £160 for a Humax when I will be looking to swap to BT vision as soon as my speed in my area is improved (currently 1.4 meg max when you need a 2mb line minimum), which is pants as setanta is now free with the basic £14 option, alongside the broadband service

    Any help or deals posted are greatly appreciated


    I'm guessing the Tesco Direct one is the cheapest. Works out at £79.40 delivered.

    To get it for this price, use the discount code: XXCLK6 for £13 off.

    Then add a sim card that attracts free delivery on your whole order. The following sims have free delivery:…977

    the thommo boxes are quite good - a wee bit buggy but there is a significant upgrade coming in the next month or so which should improve things loads. I've got one spare if you want...if you're interested i'll post a for sale notice

    Also got a spare toppy for sale (similar features but a million times better) over here:…vr-

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    I'm very interested, in both the boxes, however I'm not able to purchase until 1st Aug, as I'm on holiday from Friday and I'm back on the 1st, so guessing they will be both gone by then :-(

    if you're keen and we can work out a price i'll hold them back until then if you want - i'm in no desperate hurry and i'm sure we can do a good deal on the 2 since i'll only have to pay once for postage

    Post a wee message on the toppy for sale thread just so we keep within the rules and i'll post a new thread for the thomo....

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    Sorry my mistake I haven't explained myself properly, I'm interested in one box, but either of them depending on which one is available once I'm back from holiday, because I would have thought that at least one will have sold

    How much are you asking for the Tommo?

    ah right - i was wondering why you'd want both! I think about 50 squid for the thomo....

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    ah right - i was wondering why you'd want both! I think about 50 squid … ah right - i was wondering why you'd want both! I think about 50 squid for the thomo....

    How old's the tommo? And does it suffer badly through freezing? Is it upto date with the latest software?

    it's about a year old - it's actually pretty reliable except the few well known bugs and has the current (2.91 i think) software, although the word on the forums is that a new much improved firmware is due out soon, probably with full freeview playback facility now that most of the channels have started reliably broadcasting the data....

    I've had this box for a month and it is - without doubt - the worst PVR I've ever owned, even beating the crappiness of the Tevion PVR sold by Aldi in 2007.

    Daily reboots, rewind and fast-forward not working, missed recordings, no wakeup from standby are just a few of the "features". I'd love to take it back to Argos for a refund, but it doesn't come under their 30 day return policy (although I'm on the verge of a "not fit for purpose" return).

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