Thompson & Morgan Sent me Japanese Knotweed!

    I ordered chinese lanterns from thompson and morgan about 2 months ago, they came and I plated the tubers, they've just started flowering and It looks identical to japanese knotweed! No orange lanterns for chinese lanterns... I can't believe they have done that, or why they would be growing it and sending it out to people! I had 10 plants and now I'm busy trying to remove it all the tubers have grown so deep! =[


    we had this where we lived before and we built a house and it even came through the floor after about 3 years, so be very careful with it if it is japanese knotweed

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    its exactly the same as the pictures =[ I hope I get rid of it... Why would they grow it?!

    Have you contacted T & M? Just on the off chance that it's either not knotweed or they are unaware they are sending this out, under the provisions made within the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, it is an offence to cause Japanese knotweed to grow in the wild
    Carefully dig out the surrounding area too, as even small bits cut off by your spade can/will re-infest. Also take care when disposing.




    Knotweed is extremely dangerous - costs thousands to dispose of properly

    I doubt they would have sent you this

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    The thing is, I gave a couple of plants when they were tiny to a friend, and he was the one who pointed it out to me this morning and I checked mine and it is deffinately very similar if not knotweed. The leaves and stems and flowers are identical, it's wrapping around things very tightly too. Deffinately not Chinese lanterns =[ I'll dig the whole area out and burn them.. I haven't emailed t&m yet I'll see if I can get confirmation first.


    Pretty sure you don't get the lanterns 'til the autumn.Might be easier to … Pretty sure you don't get the lanterns 'til the autumn.Might be easier to cut some samples and take to your local garden centre for identification.

    Mine have the lanterns on now.I assumed this is when they were due to be there.

    Flynn Jack;5964256

    not knotweed

    Surely that makes it weed :w00t:



    Surely that makes it weed :w00t:

    no because it's knot not not...get it?
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