thomson dt16300

    hi eveyone i bought one of these freeview boxes even tho the brainy people who know about these things on here said they were bad news anyway i bought one cos they were cheap but now its packed up,well the recording side of things anyway cos when we go to the recorded programmes list the whole thing freezes and the only thing to do is turn it off at the wall.anyone know if there is a factory reset button or something to wipe the thing clean


    As the saying goes, "Buy cheap, buy twice", but since the cheap part is good for HUKD I'd add that if you are going to buy cheap make sure it is quality. I did exactly the same as you with my first freeview box, and quess what happened?

    Thev reset is probably in the menu - if you can get to it.

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    thanks for your help but i cant see it in the menu anywhere to reset.looks to be destined for the bin then

    Can't you return it? I had one, and returned it because I was having to switch it off at the wall 2 or 3 times a day.

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    thanx for reply saint,had it a while no reciept still works as freeview box ok,just that our recorded list of things cant be acessed cos the thing freezes up then have to turn off at plug.

    Do you have any other proof of purchase, such as credit card receipt, e-mail invoice etc?

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    more than likely bought on maestro debit card,got it from tesco around year and half ago
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