Thomson refund owed, getting nowhere with C/S

    Hi all, have turned here in desperation for some advice.

    A long story short I took a package holiday to Florida with Thomson. Whilst there I received a poor service and voiced my opinions in writing (email) to the hotel directly. They kindly offered to refund me 3 nights of my stay, but obviously via Thomson (as that is who I had paid through).

    Since then Thomson have just given me pretty much non-responses and evade my request for details. The hotel in question (part of the Universal chain) have been super helpful and respond within minutes each time, and they confirm they successfully submitted the request to Thomson's accounting team on a certain date. I absolutely believe this to be true. Thomsons TUI C/s rep has been no help at all. All I want is the money/a cheque/refund I am owed and the hotel has paid Thomson.

    I bought the holiday online but am tempted to go in to one of their stores if not resolved.

    Anyone have any experience of such things? Much appreciated.


    Similar thing happened to me with Disney Florida. Disney super helpfull Thomson not so. I ended up getting Disney to send me the refund request to my self and i printed it out and went to my local Thomson and sat in there until the regional manager confirmed the refund will be processed in 2-5 Working Days.

    But that's me it's up to you.



    Try copying in the managing directors [email protected] Try copying in the managing directors [email protected] the CE of [email protected]

    This is what you need to do, their executive team will respond very quickly and normally sort things out in no time.

    if paid using credit card put in a charge back and include the letters from universal. the fact you have put in a charge back should jolt Thomson

    Mmm, if it wasn't a Thomson rep that agreed to a refund, you might have trouble I think
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    Try the FOS or resolver. I had a problem with talk talk and the FOS got it sorted

    Hey again I can't reply to ur pm as it says u don't have private messaging enabled, do u have an email address I could reach u on. Many thanks
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