Thomson Top Up TV 160Gb Digital TV Recorder

    looking for the best price on one of these has to be new cheers :-)

    Thomson Top Up TV 160Gb Digital TV Recorder

    heres a link to the item i'm after :…htm


    My advice would be to buy a different recorder. These ones are terrible.

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    oh what you recommend and whats wrong with these one's?

    I had one of the thompsons and it kept on deleting recordings I had made. Also the fan would be on constantly meaning it made a noise all through the night.

    There was a big thread on them a while back. The deletion problem was apparently common.

    yeah I've got the 80gb it crashes all the time. I'd steer clear!!

    I had one of these - it broke after 3 weeks, wouldnt engage the hardrive to play back anything. They sent me another one, this one had the same problem!

    It used tocrash all the time as well and the delay from remote control was terrible!

    I now have Sky+!
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