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My brother is booked to go on the TUI 2 cruise ship from Tenerife on the 27th October , he got an email today saying the ship is changing name and needs to remain in the port at Tenerife for an extra 24 hours before departing. Thomson have offered a £25 voucher per adult ! and there will be a party to celebrate. There are 10 people travelling in their group of which are 6 adults and 4 children. So basically £50 per adult couple. On the basis that this was not the holiday that was originally booked and this offer was made today. I told him I think it's an insult. Has anyone else had this email or any thoughts on the matter please, any help appreciated ! Thank you
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Cruise passengers don’t have an entitlement to fixed amounts of compensation. Their rights to compensation come under the Package Travel Regulations. Compensation wouldn’t be due where the operator can’t provide the services due to exceptional circumstances or an unforeseen event.

this falls under exceptionl circumstances or an unforseen event.

The offer that your brother had been offered is far from an insult.

I would take the vouchers and take advantage of the facilities on the boat or have a day trip on Tenerife. It might not be what they originally booked, but these unforeseen circumstances happen. He'll still be on holiday with his friends and family, be it in a port or sailing the seas.
Don't let this wind you up, it's your brothers problem and decision along with his friendsto accept their offer not yours, (although I know you're trying to help).
sometimes for the sake of everyone's wellbeing it's easier to accept and make the best of a bad situation rather than take it on head first, especially when it involves children and friends.
Breach of contract, unforeseen circs or not doesn't negate the fact. Either cancel or tell them you want better compo otherwise you will initiate a small claims court against them, that usually makes them sit up and take notice.
Thanks for all the answers, will advise him what's been mentioned . Cheers
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