thoose cheap football shirt websites?

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Found 4th May 2010
does anyone no any of those websites from thailand where you get the cheap footy shirts? had the all in my favourites but got a new laptop

cheers if you can help



This is the one I used:…asp

Wasn't as bad as I first expected, but the shipping was lethally slow. Took almost a month to get here


Piece of crap

I say :thumbsup:


Piece of crapI say :thumbsup:

whats the quality of the shirts like? do they look genuine?


whats the quality of the shirts like? do they look genuine?

Yes, they do appear genuine.

I read somewhere that they use stolen templates or whatever the technical name is for them. So in theory the only thing not genuine about them is that they are made in a different far eastern factory to the genuine article. Although they both are probably inhumane and use child labour, so :?

I guess the only really dodgy thing about buying these shirts are who is profiting from them. I try not to think to much about it though, otherwise I would end up walking around in clothing I made myself lol
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