Thorpe Park queue times this week

Found 28th Oct 2014
Hi, if anyone goes to Thorpe Park this week would you mind posting queue times on here. Daughter went on Saturday and said nearly everything was around 2 hours. I don't particularly want to travel 130 miles if it's the same midweek. Unfortunately they don't have a Alton towers live queue time website.

Been to Alton Towers in this week last year and it was busy but acceptable.
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No ride is worth waiting two hours for.

Except for a piggy back from Carol Vorderman.
you have pay to wait I don't like it
It is half term, of course there will be queues!
I agree no ride is worth waiting two hours for hence the reason I am asking so I don't waste my time, I know it's half term and there will be queues, I want to know how bad they are as AT hasn't been too bad at the same time and I haven't done TP in this half term before.

As for the app I am led to believe it only works if you are in the park as it tracks your location, not much use when you are 130 miles away.
friend went friday early evening (fright night) and only managed two rides after paying a fiver each for fast track. said wait time was 2hrs..
Friend of a friend on facebook says queue times of 2.5 hours per ride today! Well worth the money!
they have shut the doors every day so far because its been at full capacity so expect very long ques. they were around 3 hours on Saturday when my son went.
wow, things have changed since i was a kid........ mind you i still remember the corkscrew.
Chessington was heaving yesterday as well - luckily 1hr was around our longest wait. I could easily imagine 2hrs for Collosus, Saw, Nemesis or Swarm
Btw, the website says Thurs - Sat are pre-book only, which only leaves tomorrow for an off the cuff visit - and the forecast is crp.
Went on fright night 2 weeks back (a Thursday). Not a queue in sight. I had purchased fast tracks and did not even need them!

Long queues for the mazes, but I also Fast Tracked them so no big deal. I bet this week is manic though due to kids school hols.
Hey, there is actually a website that has live queue times for thorpe park, queue-times.com. You can also see how the crowds vary on the crowd calendar page, or click on one of the ride names to view more graphs and info on that specific ride.
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