Those really good ebay transactions

We always hear about people being scammed on ebay or having something go disastrously wrong, so what stories do people have of really GOOD transactions? you know, the ones where you get a little something unexpected. A couple of things I have bought recently I would put under this category;

A few months ago I bought a Fender Strat off someone on ebay but there was a problem with the payment as he has misspelt his paypal address. When I received the guitar (which cost about £300 less than my local music shop so a bargain in its self as it was new) he had put a brand new fender leather strap and selection of new picks in the guitar case with a letter to say sorry for the confusion and to enjoy the goodies for being patient.

This morning I received something which usually has a remote control as something you have to buy extra as it's not included in the box, but in the parcel were two packages, the main item as well as the remote which was a nice surprise as it wasn't mentioned in the listing.

I know it's only little things, but it's good to hear of the decent sellers on ebay in amongst all the scamming etc. Anyone had anything similar?


wish i had lol


There are some great people on ebay but there are also a few baddies, i find it usually balances out

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oh lol, I thought, maybe...someone might have

i listed a sofa bed the other day for 99p and it sold at that price yesterday

was kind of hoping would get a bit more lol.

Too many good stories to mention. Two similar experiences as you where I have received more than I paid for. One partial refund when the item was not as good as expected. One successful paypal claim when someone didn't offer the service they described (courier delivery). Many, many friendly comments and communications with buyers and sellers alike. All in all, I have a lot of good things to say about eBay, the main one being that it is easy to get money for things you no longer want/use.

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i listed a sofa bed the other day for 99p and it sold at that price … i listed a sofa bed the other day for 99p and it sold at that price yesterday was kind of hoping would get a bit more lol.

Reminds me of when I was younger my parents took a Laura Ashley 3 piece suite to the local auction which originally cost a lot of money and it sold for £2 lol :oops:

I bought a HTPC 320gig hard drive, decent processor, twin digital tuner, 7.1 soundcard really nice item for £125 with delivery (mind I was actually looking for ink cartridges at the time so impulse buy), when I received it though one of the sata connections was broken on the mobo (no big deal really as there where 4! and you cant fit 4 sata devices in the case) dropped a message to buyer just expecting a fiver or so back but next thing I know he had made a £60 refund as goodwill with a note saying sorry!

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£60 thats quite a generous refund!

I once had something go missing in the post at Christmas and the seller sent a replacement straight out, only for the item to turn up about a month later! sent a second paypal payment for it though as I couldn't be bothered with the hassle of returning.

Theres been loads with someone going that bit extra aswell as myself.Some examples are I bought some Disney Cars off and I exchanged a message with seller asking how pleased we won them and how I was after some more that we hadn't got which I knew been released there.Anyway she said she was going shopping in a few places over the next week and would keep a look out for the others we wanted.She sent them with the set I won and only charged exactly what she paid for the others and they were about $2 each,they do get things way cheaper than us here.

Then there was this time I was epecting payment by cheque for an auction only instead of sending me a cheque she sent me a huge box of girls clothes that she had sold and was meant to send her buyer.Her buyer got my cheque.I contacted her and said I'd send it to her buyer,she sent me a cheque for her purchase plus what it cost me to send the box of clothes on.

Theres been loads times I've bought something and they gone the extra bit for me and vice versa.

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Wow, thats very generous that an international seller actually went out of their way to find you something and then didn't make a profit out of it!

I like it when i get a nice email saying thank you for the item i've sent and how pleased they are with it, nice to think you've made someone happy. Not really bought much on ebay, mostly sold. I did once send a lady who'd bought a couple of Friends boxsets off me for her Grandaughter who'd sadly just lost her Mum, and wanted to treat her, another boxset for free.
Nice to get a thank you note in with your parcel, the simple things
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