those with elmo live....

Found 27th Nov 2008
i bought my daughter elmo live for xmas and touch its foot ect and all it seems to say is elmo loves you and gives you a kiss ect.

Any ave seen you tube videos of him dancing, telling jokes and singing and noticed there is a wire come out of his back

is there programs ect you can download and add on to him for him talking and how does he go about singing and dancing.

Fair enough i only paid £33-95 but just wondering that is all
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is it still in its box? i think its just the demo mode. there will be a tab or something to remove so that elmo does more stuff
yes its still boxed, was just wondering as i didnt want to fully test it before she gets chance to open it on xmas day
no need to worry fella. that is just the demo mode specifically made for kids and me to press in shops to annoy the staff.
you dont need any software to download. it will have plenty of jokes and stories to tell on xmas day. lucky you!
they are brilliant, my mate got one for her son last week, we all say there amazed, it was great, so funny
Nevermind the kids, I want one! :oops:
There is a plastic tab in his left foot that you have to pull out when you open it.

Once you do that he starts doing other things.
Cool my daughter has this for christmas from my parents Showed it to her in toys r us last week and he face lit up...bless she's only 16 months old!
i got one for my little boy and i am really sorry but i did open it, and omg, it is so cool !!! pull the tab out of its foot, it tells stories, jokes, asks for cuddles, tells you how much he loves you, when he falls over he asks to be picked up and then says thank you

it is brilliant, but i do think i am becoming attached to it !! lol, the kids and grown ups will love this toy x
think thats why my parents bought it x
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