Thought I had the bargain of the year!

    Just went to book flights to Florida with going out on 5th June for 2 weeks flying from Manchester for 3 of us. Coming up with a bargain price of £719 for all three of us but when I went to book it was giving an error message - phoned XL and guess what it's wrong :-(

    Thu 05 Jun 2008 - Thu 19 Jun 2008 for 14 nights
    £236 (return adult fare)
    inc £5.00 discount
    Book Now
    Adults 2 @ £236.00 per adult = £472.00
    Children 1 @ £236.00 per child = £236.00
    Credit/Debit Card Fee
    1 @
    £6.00 per booking =
    Total (GBP)£714.00
    Manchester / Orlando (Sanford) Thu 05 Jun 2008 1330-1725 XLA1132 Economy XL Airways
    Orlando (Sanford) / Manchester Thu 19 Jun 2008 2030-0935 XLA1133 Economy XL Airways
    Total cost = £714

    Really gutted as all three of us were buzzing! oh well you win some and lose some.


    why is ti wrong

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    why is ti wrong

    They said it's an error on the website - that's why it won't let me book. Offered me another date at £1370 - over £500 difference!

    did you argue it with them.

    What a swizz. I feel for you- because you just know that someone, probably someone you know, has got a deal like that and when you tell them about this, they're going to tell you about their deal and you will have to
    ... smile
    .. It's not me!!

    i hate that. its like the sign in the windw that say from 99pound. then it is nowhere near. swizzlers

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    did you argue it with them.

    Did argue with them but to no avail - take it at the price they offered on the phone and if I found it cheaper elsewhere they would price match. Hardly a good deal considering it was £500 dearer than advertised.

    I spoke to a travel agent today who said it's a common problem on their website - seems they put really cheap prices to lure you to ring and sell you a flight at a higher price.
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