Thoughts on dead rising 2?

    Hey guys I'm wanting to pick up dead rising 2 so just wondering if you think it's worth buying now at full price or should I wait abit? Also do you think the outbreak edition from game seems worth it for £20 more than the original version



    It's EXACTLY the same as the first every way

    I love it!

    very boring very quick

    It's not 'EXACTLY' the same as the first one like Syzable said. It's similar, but improved on every level, with some great new additions as well. Definitely worth buying.


    I first played it and thought it was rubbish but I never played the first 1, but gave it half hour and really enjoying it now so well worth getting

    I'm looking to get this, but going to wait till it drops sub £20.

    Great game, definitely not for fair weather gamers requires dedication and you must save whenever you pass the toilets, there are no check points so its as unforgiving as the first in that respect. I feel its a shame they didn't keep the crowd walking and unarmed combat/wrestling moves. The controls have been well tweaked as aiming and shooting weapons feels better, but the addition of weapon crafting is sweet. The co-op was much needed and very amusing, the multiplayer "running man" style games are great fun and you need to play them to earn lots of cash quickly for the story campaign, makes its easy to buy Zombrex and nice weapons.

    8.5/10 IMO

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    I liked the first one but hated how annoying it was that basically you had to die so often and start again to have a chance at the game.

    I guess this one is the same.

    Amazing game! i just wish i could kill zombies in my free time rather than follow some timed objectives. So im trying to dash through the main game hoping i can go back and mess with the zombies once its complete 9/10 better save system too!

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    cheers for commenting guys, the reason im asking is because im deciding whether to get this or fifa 11, i mite just have to wait until it drops down in price although i really like the look of the outbreak edition (because you actually get a physical item not just an ingame outfit) even though i dont tend to buy collectible editions of games but thats £60 so will hope that drops down in price and might get that

    Yea brilliant game. Its got an awesome singleplayer with numerous ways to kill zombies, you can make weapons, level up, get new skills, rescue people and has a decent story too with multiple endings.
    You also get multiplayer called Terror Is Reality, which is like a gameshow like american gladiator style with zombies and you compete with 3 other players in cool minigames to earn cash that can be cashed out for the single player. Theres also co-op, leaderboards and dlc too. Lots of replay value. Well worth it.
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