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Posted 23rd Jan 2023
I have always paid for my mums TV, phone and broadband.. so for over 30 years, it's been virgin or Sky.
The latest, final deal with Sky has been £80.. which is slightly excessive
what are peoples opinions about Now tv ?
she just wants tv (no sport or movies) unlimited calls and the basic broadband for when my niece pays a visit and the prices being quoted by Now are under £30
seems too good to be true.
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  1. Muig1972's avatar
    I've been with Now TV and Sky broadband, and the service is identical. Now TV's emails even come from a Sky address.

    I can't say much about the telly side of it though. Sky uses satellite and Now TV is internet-streaming based only. You'd need to look at what's offered with the Now TV Entertainment package and see if it has what she wants. A Now TV dongle, for plugging into the back of a telly, costs little or they might offer it to you with the package. (edited)
    WhaleTrain's avatar
    That's because Now TV IS Sky - just like how PlusNet are a front for BT.
  2. M4tt31's avatar
    Seems about right, I pay £20 for broadband with nowtv, entertainment is about £10. Nowtv is a part of sky so there won't any difference in the router. Its worth checking the tv is capable of running the nowtv tv app or you have some type of widget attached that will run it for the tv channels.

    Obviously nowtv isn't sky so they don't have all the same channels and normal terrestrial channels you would use the tv as normal to get to those. (edited)
  3. WhaleTrain's avatar
    I mean, Virgin would surely be miles cheaper? I pay £35 for basic TV, weekend phone and 350mb.
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    SoCal Author
    They don't seem to have an unlimited calls option mum just likes having a landline for calls.. weekends wouldn't be enough
  4. u664541's avatar
    I guess being with Sky/Virgin for so long your mum is au fait with the remote and how to watch, record, pause, rewind etc so it’s something new to learn plus there is no record capability with Now TV.
    £80 sounds a lot, time to renegotiate with Sky to get the bill down.
    SoCal's avatar
    SoCal Author
    They couldn't get lower.. I might get another call but I have had to cancel and ring around for the moment
  5. ellenw's avatar
    I pay £18.99 for broadband/unlimited calls & £6.99 for entertainment with NOW also had £120 Topcashback. Didn't need to change the Sky router. (edited)
    SoCal's avatar
    SoCal Author
    That's what I was looking at but didn't know if the service was as good as what she has had before with virgin or Sky.
  6. Dude1971's avatar
    I pay £5 for Entertainment and £2 for Sky Movies with Now - no record function but everything is on demand these days.
    SoCal's avatar
    SoCal Author
    My mum does like the record function though.. especially when she feels tired at night and just wants to carry on in the morning. The catch up services are never perfect.
  7. KodaBear's avatar
    BT may be one to consider. If you can get the right deal and/or cashback it tends to work out a little cheaper than Sky, but with a proper TV box that can record multiple channels at the same time INCLUDING Now/Sky TV channels which they include with the offer, as well as often Netflix too.

    With Now TV on its own you can’t record shows, and need to supply your own equipment to watch it on.

    You’ll be paying more than £30. But less than the 80 you’re talking about.
  8. TobiRIP's avatar
    I got an offer for £4 a month for 12 months in November, with the last of us, white lotus and succession amongst others I snapped up the offer
  9. SoCal's avatar
    SoCal Author
    Thanks for everyone's help.. i feel a lot more confident about Now than I did before.
    For the price difference, it seems now is a really good option
    We get tv.. broadband and unlimited calls..
    She loses some of the recording options, but she will be able to work around that.
    I just want her to be happy.. but also, not isolated.
    Cheers.. (edited)
  10. AndyRoyd's avatar
    Relative has had NowTV for BB & unlim calls for many years no issues and no mid-term price rises.
    Unlim call are to UK landlines / mobiles for up to an hour each call. The canny user will redial before the hour if a longer conversation is required.
    Receives annual contract renewal invitation at same price as previous year(s), which is routinely accepted.

    Not sure what you want/expect for the "TV" element of your post.
    Relative doesn't bother with any TV service from NowTV and instead simply uses their TVs' Freeview and their own Freeview recorders (via antenna) to watch / record terrestrial broadcasts, and integral device apps to watch catchup using the broadband.

    The introductory cashback via Topcashback was significant, about £80/£90 maybe.
    Similar cashback still available for new customers…nd/
    SoCal's avatar
    SoCal Author
    She likes Alibi, Gold, Witness.. which is what Now has, so she would be quite happy with those channels.
    There is no Aerial connection in her bedroom, so that will be an additional expense if she went without Now..
  11. CatsWithThumbs's avatar
    Can't comment on the broadband element directly(I know others who have it and are more than happy with it).

    Regarding the TV, as others have said as long as you have a means to access it (TV app, dongle, whatever) I have found this to be perfectly good. even the picture quality, about which I have heard numerous complains, I have no issues with (as viewed on the inbuilt app on LG 43" tv from a distance of about 10 ft) and I'm quite fussy about picture quality. It's noticeably better quality than SD broadcast TV channels, and from that distance I'd say it appears on a par with the HD broadcast channels.

    As stated above, there is no recording and it's streaming only which is a bit of a change of mindset - you mention above about stopping at night and continuing in the morning, this is not a problem as it remembers your position. You will have to sit through some ads though unfortunately - often including an ad for the very programme you're watching which seems rather pointless.

    To be honest if you or she has doubts about the TV service, it could be worth buying a 1 month subscription (you might even manage a free trial) to see if it's usable for her, before making the switch.
  12. Dude1971's avatar
    It's not just on demand, there are numerous live Sky chanels too.
  13. JamesB83's avatar
    £80?? Sounds like you must have very fast broadband or all the bells and whistles sports and movie channels with your Sky package. I think porting over to Now and having a regular fibre broadband package with their entertainment package or whatever they do would be a good idea at this point.
    SoCal's avatar
    SoCal Author
    No sports.. no movies.. just the entertainment package and the slowest unlimited broadband..
    I will be moving to now
  14. dorey69's avatar
    I have Vodafone broadband for £21 a month for 68mg and have a small Roku box separate for my streaming needs
    SoCal's avatar
    SoCal Author
    I have Roku and Firestick, but they don't work very well for my mum... I just want the one box, so no flicking through different systems.. I can cope but my mum struggles
  15. HellRazer's avatar
    The best option I think would be to just pay to have an aerial connection located where you need it to be located.

    Or else to buy an indoor TV aerial, and then pay for a freeview recorder and a BB and unlimited landline package.

    Just sounds like it's going to be a lot of messing about for what's going to be a pretty poor experience for someone who already has a poor experience with streaming sticks.

    Sometimes the sad reality is, you just need to pay to have something done right. You'll save money on not needing to subscribe to a NowTV package or to pay for any kind of streaming stick. (edited)
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