Thoughts on sonic toothbrush?

Posted 9th May
I've never experienced a vibrating toothbrush before, I'm shopping on alliexpress for one as we speak.

I just wanna know if people prefer rotating brush heads or vibrating

is it just a gimmick or do you really feel they do a good job

all new toothbrushes seem to be sonic now so I feel like maybe I'm missing out.

I used a manual most of my life only just getting used to oscillating 😄
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I have both
I use oral b with lithium battery
I have a sonicare and it’s a strange sensation at first but they male your teeth cleaner that you could ever with a manual toothbrush
I have used the Philips Sonicare for years now, highly recommended.
I was going to buy a cheap Chinese one just to try but I read the usual it just vibrates at the handle then it puts me off. I might stick with my oral b cross action
I bought a Soocas that has Bluetooth, now how's that for gadge
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Used to use oral b and sonicare last few years. Both do fine, not much difference in end result. Technique is more important. Both better than manual.
I've narrowed my search down to Seago and sooca toothbrush
Hkd_fan09/05/2020 21:09

I've narrowed my search down to Seago and sooca toothbrush

Sorry, it was the soocas that I bought
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