Thoughts on these two lawnmowers?

Posted 27th Apr
Debating between the two lawn mowers below, any thoughts on which is best? Have a small to medium sized garden and not bothered with cordless. Cheers.…56P…56P
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I would go with the Bosch one , I have the 37 model and if I remember when I bought it I registered online and got an extra years warranty giving me 3 years which was great. It works great and easily emptied.
I too would recommend Bosch. Had them for years. Very reliable
I've actually got that Bosch. Top top stuff, cuts very nice and quick. Easy to use and empty and you can adjust height too.

Have had mine for 2 years no problems ever
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If you can get the Bosch one with the switches on the handles normally seen as a better machine than the ones with the handle in the link. Used to be the two handle switches were made in the UK /Europthe other ones in China and UK ones seemed to be better built.
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Don't rule out the cordless ones . They are of course more expensive but so much less faffing about with extension leads when you want to cut the lawn .

I have the Bosch corded and in a way would like it to break so I could justify buying a cordless one . No getting out the extension lead ,avoiding the cable when mowing etc and then putting everything away .

Trouble is the Bosch is a good mower and no signs of breaking (had it 3 years now) but I wish I'd spent the extra when I bought it and got the cordless version .
As others have said, definitely the Bosch. They are often on offer, so have a hunt around.
I'm another for the Bosch one, had mine at least 10 years and no problems at all with it.
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