Thoughts on titanium watches

    I have a Seiko Kinetic watch for a few years now which generally suits me well, it's a relatively simple silver metal design. However during the summer months I keep taking the watch off without even realising it until I go to check to the time and find there's no watch.

    I do like having a metal watch so one recommendation I'm considering is a titanium watch which is considerably lighter, I'm wondering if anyone has changed to one of these from a normal metal watch and how they have found it? There don't seem to be that many simple, small designs as men's watches tend to be larger although I've found a couple of potentials


    I used to have a titanium watch and loved it before it was lost. Very light indeed. For me, this made it much more comfortable than a normal watch.

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    Thanks for that, that's what I'm looking for.


    You are welcome John.

    Not sure what your budget is, but this seems good value and fairly simple:…sim

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    No real fixed budget in mind, I obviously want something I like and will last - so far been mainly looking at Seiko kinetic titanium watches around the 150-200 mark as there seems to be a couple there along the lines of what I'm looking for.

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