Thousands of items on AliExpress for less than 1p!

Posted 10th Feb 2020…htm

Ok, well if this deal doesn’t go hot then I honestly don’t know what will!

AliExpress is a merchant in China that is part of the AliBaba group. If you haven’t heard of them, they are basically China’s version of Amazon.

Some people are a bit reluctant to order goods from China, but HUKD provide an excellent article on exactly how you can deal with ordering goods from AliExpress, and there have been plenty of deals posted on here from them.

Anyways, back to the deal!

So Not everyone knows this, but AliExpress have a “Freebies” section on their App.... technically they are not free as you need to pay $0.01 for the item, but it’s pretty much as close to free as you can get nowadays!

So how do you get your stuff for $0.01?

Well you have to use one of your two daily “bids”...... each day, AliExpress gives its registered members two bids, and they can use them to select goods from the freebies section.

If you get selected, then you get the item you’ve bid on for $0.01! (Disclaimer: they also ask you to write a review on the item once you receive it, which apparently boosts your chances of being selected for future freebies.

All you need to do is install the AliExpress app from the App Store or the Google play store, then register, and then head to the “Freebies” section.

So what kind of goods can you bid on?

Well here’s just a few examples I found in the last few minutes.....

Essager S11 TWS Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earphone - Normally priced at £15.73

Original Lenovo Z5s Snapdragon 710 Octa Core 6GB 128GB SmartPhone - Normally priced at £123.69

M3 Smart Sport Bracelet Wristband Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer Smart Watch - Normally priced at £20.94

1080P Outdoor PTZ Camera 4X Digital Zoom Two-Way Audio Wifi IP Camera - Normally priced at £46.11

There are hundreds of items to choose from, with everything from electronics, clothing, sporting goods, health and beauty, you name it!

Not bad for less than a penny!
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