Thread deleted

I'm getting fed* off now.

I posted a deal about invisible shields being half price today and it has been deleted with no message of an explanation.

What a bloody ridiculous way to run a forum.

* Mod edit - will investigate the posting.



probably member spammed to being a dupe

posted her so should have really been asked for this one to be unesxpired rather than reposted…-f/



Thanks for taking the time to post. This place is pretty good at self regulation and members have the power to expire/spam if posts are duplicated.

If you feel this is a different offer, then please do get back in touch..

Forbez when using the forum to check deals go to advanced search, as the normal search drags everything in. Check by date, member or retailer, then place in an identifying comment such as "ps3".


usually when you put in merchant, and last so many deals come up, it never came up as it was expired so op then posted, it was then member spammed as a dupe, now reposted and no doubt it will be member spammed again after reaching zero temps no doubt, after being a member for two years im surprised your making such a meal out of this
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