Posted 14th Sep 2022
If anyone needs a code exchange them in the comments or dm them to each other.
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    Just pre order from amazon. Its free to do so and then cancel afterwards
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    Is this the same Mw2 from many years ago?
    New call of duty not sure why they have the same name though
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    @zee2976 @m1c88 sent you both a code (edited)
    Thanks mate I appreciate it
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    Sky customers get them on sky vip fyi (edited)
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    Just wait two days.

    • September 16 - 17: PlayStation pre-order players
    • September 18 - 20: All PlayStation players
    • September 22 - 23: All PlayStation players and Xbox/PC pre-orders
    • September 24 - 26: All players on all platforms
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    Anyone got code they don't want i would have thanks if not nevermind (edited)
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    if you exchange in comments, anyone can steal them
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    If anyone else has spare code they're not going to use, I'd love to give it a go
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    Any codes available(annoyed)
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    would love a code for me son can offer any unidays discount code
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    Cant you just pre order on Amazon for example - receive the code then just cancel the pre order? I have always done this.

    (This year i have ordered digitally and am taking a risk so i have already got the beta downloaded through the store with no code). (edited)
    Can't find the beta on PS store? Any help
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    Swap PS4 code for Xbox. Let me know
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    Does anyone have a spare code?
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    I received 2 codes. One for PS5 and one for PS4. I've only redeemed the PS5 one so I can only assume the PS4 one is still fine to redeem on another console.

    Just in case it's a case of "you can only redeem one of these codes" the PS4 code might not work but if anyone wants to the code to try, let me know
    Hi I've tried to message you but it says I can't, the button is greyed out. Can you message me? Would appreciate your PS4 code.
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    Anyone have a spare code available? Many thanks.
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    I've just given my dead by daylight Amazon prime code to a user does anyone have a Xbox beta key? Please PM me
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    If anyone could send one - much appreciated