Threads that just post a link saying 'sale' + quidco

    They annoy the hell out of me.

    We think HUKD disrupts traditional marketing messages and offers a disruptive network where individuals have the freedom to recommend genuine bargains and deals to other individuals

    ^^I think that quote could clarify things a bit better by saying that HUKD draws towards the real gems in the sale... or something

    When I see a thread hit 1000 degrees saying sale and just leave it for every1 else to find deals is something we all do anyway. We know, Asda, Tesco, Littlewoods, and most freaking other website has a sale on - they always have.

    Ok, before you check, I have posted sale but these are generally once or twice a year places that have sales. And I put some links in there to stuff that is on sale. I can't say what makes a sale more genuine and that's isn't genuine because I am sure it is in some1s eyes. But if had a real sale then I would expect traffic to hit so hard that the site comes down - like christy towels do etc. That is a proper sale!

    Ok, I am ranting and I don't the answer but I really wish there was a way to see real deals.

    I dunno what I am saying, I just wish they'd go cold and products go hot if there is something that is too hot to ignore.


    Que? :?

    Ya lost me, Lol :thinking:

    i dunno i like these threads...knowing what store has a sale on.... more like stores like monsoon etc..

    also bugs me when people post a "deal" for a sale when about 75% of the sale items have been posted separately, and then when others post the other 25% of the items people moan that there was a thread about the general sale.... ugh. Never mind.... :whistling:
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