Three 0 - Boydent999 1 :)

    At last, Three have finally realised that they are wrong and have finally accepted the fact that they have been wrong on many occasions on my account.

    On monday of this week, i was offered several upgrade options one of which was:

    500 x-net mins
    100 x-net texts
    12 month contract
    No new handset

    Normal price for that is £30/month, so they had offered me a £20/month loyalty discount :w00t:

    They then withdrew the offer the next day, Tuesday since they had made a "mistake" and the best they could do was charge me some £22/month instead :x

    I said, norfolk n chance, and asked for pac code and offered 30 days notice :whistling:

    After i had slept i rang back next day, and said, ok fair enough mistakes happen, i'll meet you 1/2 way, £16/month same deal they said no.

    Nice, polite letter sent at 1pm on wednesday, phone call from 3 at 5:30pm wednesday and..... same offer as above, including the £20 loyalty discount, but the £20 discount is not for 12 months BUT will be applied as long as i don't accept or request an upgrade, or change my price plan up or down.

    Which means, i have the above offer of £10/month for life in effect :w00t: I can use the saving to buy my own handset and said to 3 i would do so, and she :giggle: More than happy with that and since i won't have to ring them anymore even better.

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    well done! we all like a good deal!
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