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three 4g home broadband

Posted 26th Jan
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Most of my extended family, some using with re-purposed standard gigabit router. Random example hotukdeals.com/com…674
thanks has it been stable and good speed?
Don't know mate,I don't have it
My son has it - had it for 4 months now and not had a problem. He averages about 40mbps with a Huawei B535 router - three.co.uk/Dis…ite. He pays £17/month - can get this deal if an existing customer - look at offers on My3.

If Virgin are not prepared to maintain my current price when my deals ends in September I'll be moving to 3 too!
nice one
No worries
I'm using a Three 3G connection for home broadband, 4G hasn't been rolled out here yet.

Speed goes up and down a lot more than landline but there are no drop-outs (although the mast is only a couple of hundred meters away)
avoid 3 its terrible all over the uk
check this twitter profile out tons of people complain bout their 3 internet being slow or down twitter.com/Thr…ken

i have three because its the only option for me to get broadband and cheapest unlimited but it's terrible
Nothing but problems with 3 4g barely gors above 1-2mb in my area noe used to be a solid 55mb frw months ago 3g is the same I had to battle to get out of my contract I wouldn't recommend
My girlfriend has the Ai cube, utter crap, and i mean crap, gets about 1mb,
ive gone for bt again
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