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Posted 4th Mar
How do I check on three website if I can get there broadband can find checker on site.
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Three broadband is via 4g/5g not phone line so google 5g coverage on Three. If it’s not in your area yet then you will only be able to use 4g…and

Enter your postcode where it says “Find the best deals for your area”. It tells you whether you’ll get 4 or 5g.
Its highly likely the device you are using is transmitting its current location. Websites/pages can tell where you are and therefore not bothering with offering you a service which is a current technical impossibility.
In the case of 5g - there is currently very little provision nationwide from any provider when compared with 4g.
I would give it another year or so when all the providers will be fighting for your business.
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I could get 5g ..may try it soon . Not sure about the ping tho . 55ms (4/5g) vs 22ms (POTS) ??
I get 9 ping 12d 0.77U
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I can get it for £25 would it be good for PS4 online
there are better deals eg quidco
Yes this is ideally suited to PS4 as it allows data to travel in both directions, at the SAME time.
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