Three changing my plan just before Black Friday. What should I do?

Posted 18th Oct 2020
My contract with Three expired and I have now received a letter telling me I have move to a new plan by November 21. If I do nothing they will move me to a one month rolling option. The 12 and 24 month plans they propose are more expensive than what is available on their website today and I presume would be ever worse with the expected Black Friday deals. What should I do?

I'm not overly impressed with Three but looking to stay with them. Data is good enough in my town but very poor to unusable in big cities but overall it is cheap and I benefit greatly from the free 'at home' roaming and unlimited data. I am not desperate to stay with Three and I am tempted by Vodafone who look to have similar plans with reliable data in big cities but this is my backup option as it is a almost £10 more a month compared to Three.

To get the best price with Three is it best I do nothing now and let them move me to the one month plan next month and when the Black Friday deals come change to a 12 or 24 month contract? Are there any problems with this strategy? Are Black Friday deals restricted to brand new contracts? If they are then a good Vodafone Black Friday would probably win me over to switch.

The email Three have sent me offers prices higher than what I see on the existing customers page. The existing customers page has better monthly prices and also half price for first 6 months! Are these for the existing line or are these prices for existing customers to take out a new (second) line?

I also notice sometimes unlimited data mentions 30GB Personal hotspot. It is very inconsistent, sometimes it is only in the detailed terms section. Haven't any hotspot limitations been done away with? I thought today's Advanced plans were now much like the One plans from years ago. Is the cap back because we've left the EU? I think it was an EU directive that data can not be classified and limited between use on different devices. I don't see this with Vodafone, they only mention speed restrictions but these are clearly and consistently labelled in the plan names.
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