Three Data Reward Sim: 200MB data per month free (no upfront cost)

Posted 14th Jul 2020
This has been posted several times before, but always with a lot of misinformation swirling around. I've just activated one of these today, so to clarify:

- The deal is still active. You don't need to spend £10 for to get this sim. Make sure you use the above deal link to go to the right page. £0 cost, £0 p&p. Sim arrives in around 3 days.

- You don't need to top up anything to start using the free data. If you do want to top-up to get some calling and texting ability, or extra data, it's using 3-2-1 sim rates.

- Yes it works on phones. Don't worry about their literature saying it's for tablets and dongles only. Or even their customer service reps saying the same thing.

- Get the sim, put it in your device. It should automatically set up all APNs etc on your device, Switch off wifi. Switch on Three mobile data. The literature that comes with the sim says to go to "". DON'T. You will get the message "Sorry, your current SIM isn't eligible" if you do that.

- Instead, go to - this should give you the registration form you need. Complete it. A link will be sent to your email to confirm registration. Click on it. You're done. 200MB a month free.
Community Updates
In order to recieve the 200mb you need your mobile network to be set to 3g only, and not 4g. Rebooting the phone may be helpful. Remember to check in the network setting to make sure that the mobile data usage is activated.

If this still does not work,
then try turning the mobile data usage off and on.
If the above method did not work, change the APN name to 3Internet.

Cost is £10 now. Happily stand corrected