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Found 9th Aug 2015
If I were to go to a three store tomorrow to upgrade my phone early, would I have to pay the early upgrade fee there and then, or will it be added onto my next bill (like if I upgraded online)?
My current phone has a very unreliable battery (goes from fully charged to zero in a space of an hour, normally dropping from 50% to zero in an instant)
Going to London on Wednesday for a night and don't trust Three or the postal service to get my phone to me by the Tuesday.
Many thanks
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yes you would have to pay an early upgrade fee will depend on the amount if it can be added to the bill or not
Thanks, will be £63 if I do it on Monday (contract ends November) so hopefully it will be
I would recommend if you get ur phone checked first before because s4 have had faults with their batteries and if youvwent to a samsung shop n they found a fault then they would give you a new battery. thats what they did with my sisters s4...hope this helps
what phone u got? battery replace or full reset
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