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Posted 23rd Oct

Anyone have recently asked Three for a better deal? I called them and they wanted to offer me the normal £10 (6 month) and £20 after.

I currently Pay £17 with 200 minutes and the rest is unlimited. Been like this for 4 years now.
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Request PAC. Order the 12m SIMO £10/m unlim mins+txt 8GB deal with £40 cashback opportunity. When SIM arrives, use it to contact 3 CS to priceplan change (repeat: priceplan change, not upgrade) to same price/duration but trade allowances to xxmins + unlim txt + unlim data. Port old number to another network that doesn't require topup to port, then immediately (re)port same number to the new SIMO contract. Result? £10m unlim data 12m SIMO at equivalent of about £6.66/m. Job done.
Above is a variation of earlier MO when the initiating SIMO was 4GB not the current 8GB:…017…le/
Contract ended in June and the best they offered was similar to offer on their website. Used Quidco and moved from Three to Virgin as they had data roller over and good coverage in my area. Check your monthly average and see if a data roller will help.

If you want to go with the plan you said, used quidco to get £70 cash back. you will need to order a new sim which comes with a new number, call three from the old number and say with you want switch your old number to the new contract you have taken, No PAC needed.…b52…b52
I rang up to cancel and rejected their first offer and they said 200min unlimited texts and 12gb £8.20
So I ordered a NEW SIM with cashback from quidco with 8GB and Unlimuted Minutes and Texts for £9 on a 12 month contract.

After speaking with 5/6 agents, almost none offered me a better solution than the unlimited everything for £16 that I always declined.

Yesterday morning the best I got was 600 minutes and AYCE Data and Texts for £13.

Three now doesn't seems to want to reduce the unlimited minutes and texts to give more data, but this was the best I got.

Still saved some money compared to what I was paying.

Should I have waited for Black Friday?
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They might bring better cashback during black Friday, can't remember if they had any reduced plans. I was spilt in deciding between Three and Virgin. On a 10gb data monthly roll over, 5000 mins & unlimited message plan at the moment. Some how managed to use less data for first two months and have been getting additional 10gb rollover ever since. Effectviely 20 gb for few months now and uses an average of 8gb every month.
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