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Found 9th Jan 2018
Was just looking for some clarification about Three Feel at Home, specifically their PAYG service. Will be going away over the summer to a feel at home destination, and looking to take out their SIM card. I vaguely remember in the past that you had to have been a member of Three for a couple of months before they let you use their Feel at Home service. Is this still the case? Can't seem to find anything that says this anymore, so I presume that this no longer applies? Don't want to leave it too late, and not willing to use my current phone plan abroad as it isn't in Europe.

Many thanks in advance
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I don't think you have to be with them for a couple of months before being able to use their Feel at Home service now but you could always call them to check. That way you'll know for sure.
No you don’t need to be a customer for a certain period of time you can even register the sim while abroad we did

gwt yourself a free data sim, also works in the same way, you get 200MB if free data each month and can add credit before you go away we had four of them in the summer. Respgister the sim as per the instructions on the lack it comes with don’t just put it in your phone or it becomes a normal pay. Also get their wuntu app take the sim out after registering You can then get freebies like coffee and cinema tickets and only need to use the three dim to activate the app, take it out straight after and use your other sim or WiFi.…der
Fantastic, thanks for your help guys!
dont expect same speed as uk though
I never got 4g, even though my local sim did so it was available
Just used this in australia. Only got 3g over there spoke to them on live chat and they said they only have agreements with the networks over there for 3g only
You don't get access to 4G network at Feel at Home. Only 3G signal I'm afraid.
You can buy a new sim today and top up to buy a bundle and use it in a Feel at Home destination tomorrow, I tried it before and it worked.
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