Three HK (eSIM only!) 30GB + 5GB social data 365day $268 (£25.44 Fee Free Card)

Posted 12th Jan 2022
You need an eSIM compatible phone for this to work

This is a pretty odd "deal" but who knows. might be useful for some.…mdb
Three HK are offering a prepaid roaming package for eSIM that includes :
Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, USA

You get 30GB and 5GB social data to use over a year. for £25.

Some notes for this :

you need to enable roaming on the eSIM

the eSIM becomes active as soon as you connect it to any network (you don't have to connect to three HK for some reason all you need to do is buy the travel pass)

you get a three HK IP address so latency is a bit high

roaming partners are Vodafone UK and Three UK

At the moment as far as I know no UK network lets you have a prepaid eSIM with data as of this post... so just buy one overseas I guess

some downsides, Three HK might require ID registration anywhere between April 2022-Feb 2023 and they could deactivate this due to misuse maybe? i dunno. but there we go. it works for me so I thought I would post it.


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    Very interesting. Must look further into this.
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    This still work?
    Yes for me! Hoping to renew next year.
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