Three Intouch and signal issues

    I've been on Three since November now, and my signal is atrocious. My phone toggles between H and H+, if i watch any videos on facebook for example, it will buffer (spinning circle) for a while and throughout the short video clip. Totally frustrating, and i noticed it does it when it goes from H+ to H. Why does it do this!. H is faster than 3G right? so it makes no sense why i get buffering videos so much.

    I was on Three about 5 years ago, living in the same property and my signal was perfect. Whats happened to three over the years?.

    Three customer service are ABSOLUTELY USELESS. Told the lady i've had issues from day one, told her i've tried everything, even rooted my phone and use greenify (to disable apps when not in use) and restarted phone 1000s of times. She still insisted i could solve the problem by restarting my phone and disable running apps. Im quite technical and it frustrates the life out of me going through these basic steps which usually achieve nothing. Anyway, towards the end of the call she recommended i download Three InTouch.

    I might start using this, but i want to know as it connects to your home wifi, when you use the internet on your phone does it use your home wifi IP? or three's IP?. Not sure exactly how this works...


    Three is the worst network in my opinion.. I ordered a free data sim to test their signal and the speeds have been shocking can never get a 4G.

    3 use to network share some ee signals sadly that agreement ended signals haven't been same since..

    Your phone will still use the IP provided by your ISP, regardless of what app it is running (unless you choose to run a VPN).

    i had a lg g2 on three and used to struggle with signals at work, upgraded to a g5 and the signal is great at work, i know three signals are supposedly not as good but in my situation a better phone managed to get better signals with the same provider
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