THREE IPHONE 4 contract, advice!!!!

    I have found the iPhone 4 on three, 2000 minutes, 5000 texts, unlimited internet and free 5000 three to three minutes. Any good and how are they for coverage??

    The contract is 24 months and I am on o2 simplicity and want the iphone 4 and a good contract.

    Please help!



    AFAIK their coverage has improved

    Their CS, however, has not

    Nothing wrong with their coverage imo. I travel all over the uk with work and have never found anywhere my own personal 3 phone doesnt work

    Inb4 all the 3 slaggers.
    Just ask local people whether coverage/reception is any good.
    Every network has weak spots, just check you're not in one of them. If you're not then 3 are fine.

    Original Poster

    Could you use it in america?

    what ^ deek said find out the coverage in your local area, although when i got mine the 3 website said great coverage etc but when i got it i had to move around in my own bedroom to get reception

    Coincidentally i was looking at this deal only recently, anyone know of any better value tariffs for similar usage?

    Deek- wise words.

    coverage in my locality is tripe.. also if we ever go shopping,- my 3phone NEVER has reception where others on o2 do.. i.e., brent cross etc, or at basement levels. have spoken to 3 cs who are a load of tripe. saying that its MUCH much better than what it used to be about a year ago as I'd have to go in the garden to get a decent reception

    I had to put a complaint in last week as i had numerous dropped calls and in one instance 5 dropped connections in 1 single call, 3 then reduced my line rental and are looking into the problems. Also got this contract with iphone 4.

    Reception- 3/5
    C Service- 4.5/5

    New iphone coming in 5months then again 12months after that

    Have you looked at the Samsung Galaxy S2?
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