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Found 19th Jan 2011
I was looking for some people opinions on here about upgrading my mobile. My gf and I have been with three for 3 years now and have never upgraded our phones. We have been offered a deal by 3 for the iphone 4 on a 12 month contract. The phone cost is £229 and the £32 a month. We would get 500 mins any network, 5000 texts, 3000 3 to 3 mins and 1gb internet. I have had a look about and it sounds pretty good to me but just wondering if anyone has any opinion on this or had a better deal recently.
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On a 12 month contract that is good! But I notice that 3 are the first company to offer all you can eat data, without a 1gb limit. See if you can get that too. Otherwise 1gb should do you.
my son has just got a 12 month contract with an iphone 4 16gb, 300 minutes ,3000 texts and 1gb data...£400 for the phone and £10 a month.......keep ringing up and negotiating a deal and 3 will better yours..
Thanks for the advice on this. We have already asked for pac codes but is it better to say we are canceling? The cost of the phone is something we would like to keep down if we can as we will be buying 2 of them. I am happy to stay with 3 but would leave them if we get a better deal although it seems unlikely.
That's the best deal u can get on the Market n what u could try is to get the handset price down. I have got 12m contract with Tesco 35£ n I paid £229 for handset
Good luck
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