Three mobile, at end of contract looking to renew with three or other network

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Found 31st May 2008
Ok guys, I've been with three for just over 18 months now on their Direct text 1400 (1000 text, 300 mins plus other bits)

I was previoulsy paying £15 for this but it's now reverted to £30, called them up today to see what deal they could do as sim only but they couldn't do a thing. I think the guy was fobbing me off.

I had noticed one person on here said they got direct text for £5 a month but laddo on the phone said he couldn't touch it.

So, what I'm after is what retention deals you've had from Three as I'm sure they'll call back (told them to disconnect me)

Other than that, a contract around £15 a month or less with any network.
Only used about 40 mins talk time and max 500 messages.



I was in same situation, and altho its a little more, i was offered (but anyone can buy this, not just on retention) the 1100 texts/mins combo for £20 and a nokia 6500 slide
You can use any combination of texts and mins that add up to 1100 monthly, there are cheaper ones with less time/txts obviously

I was on the same tariff with 3 and as they said they could do nothing to renew I asked for the pac code, they then rang back a few days later offering me that 1400 tariff for £15 on 18 month deal with a free N73 which was pretty good except for the phone as I already had that.

So i cancelled the tariff and ordered a new one, getting £47.50 quidco, on the £25 500 mins + unlimited texts on a 12 month contract their pac code even moved the number from 3 to 3 effectively so it worked out pretty well as i sold the 6500 slide on ebay for £125 and got the recommend a friend £30 x 2 as my sister is on 3 and recommended me.

So that came to £232 of cash and a better tariff on a 12 month rather than 18 month renewal, the £232 is obviously a good few months of the £25 rental, 9 months so effectively the deal will only cost me £68 for 12 months.

I was on 3, when the contract finished they offered me 200 mins 200 text for £5 per month if i kept my old phone, so went for that

I just got a contract with Orange for £15 per month. It was instore, brand new phone unlimited texts and 100mins. Fairly good choice of nice new phones, it is a 24month contract but others were available for different amounts of mins and texts etc. I'd recommend going into store. This seemed pretty good for me as I was topping up by £15 per month before this on PAYG.
Hope that helps.
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