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I'm due for an upgrade with Three Mobile. Currently on £11pm, sim-only for 2gb data, 200mins unlimited texts.

I wonder what the best deal anyone has negotiated with them is.

I don't need more anything, just want less price! I might change network but like Feel At Home!


well I pay £12.68 a month and get 1000 mins unlimited texts and 10GB data a month with voda.

contact them you'll get a good deal

get 8gb for £13 from Three

I've got unlimited data 200 mins unlimited texts £18. I did have 30GB but wasn't enough lol

3 is currently offering new customers unlim minutes + unlim txts + 4GB data at £10/m via affiliates (example). That does not include tethering allowance, nor Feel at Home roaming. Retaining your current package should provide some room to negotiate less than £10 / month, assuming you have no existing tethering allowance nor Feel at Home feature. Be mindful that 3 phone jockeys have a reputation for being inflexible until you request and receive your PAC code, and forcing your request for PAC can often require a firm determination.

Just renewed a few days ago with Three and got unlimited internet including 4gb hotspot, 600 minutes, unlimited texts, feel at home roaming for £12 a month. Hope that info helps.

Seen some for £6 which has 4gb

Plusnet are offering 2GB of 4G data, 1000mins and Unltd texts for £7.50pm. So many offers available to you that's cheaper than what your're paying now.



I've got unlimited data 200 mins unlimited texts £18. I did have 30GB but … I've got unlimited data 200 mins unlimited texts £18. I did have 30GB but wasn't enough lol

im getting same with 30gb tethering and unlimited internet for £18 but others are paying £15 for the same deal .you should try and get it lool

just spoke to 3 as my contract has come to an end. as above the best they offered me was 4gb data unlimited minutes and texts for £10 per month. I told them it was data I wanted not minutes or texts but wouldn't change. I have continued to request my PAC code so hopefully will be able to get a better deal as I can only get 3 and ee where I live, O2 & voda are no go's.

I can get £8 per month for 12gb data 5000 mins and texts from mobilephonesdirect but this is on talkmobile and with bill redemption. Guess I'll wait and see what happens.
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