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    Have sent back a dongle which was returned to me. Does anyone have the Three Mobile Broadband Customer Services address to return items, as I have spent hours on the phone going round in circles?


    is it payg or contract?

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    Contract, unfortunately!

    if its within the cooling off period then you need to call 333 from your 3 phone or the 0870 number on their website and ask for cancellations (I think its also an option on the IVR menu). Once you get through to cancellation tell them you'd like to cancel the contract and return the item.

    For 3 to accept a cancellation and return you need the RAN (Return Authorisation Number) which the persion will give you over the phone possibly however the next step is for them to send you a return pack; this is a prepaid special delivery envelope which you put all the gear in including the SIM and return post free but remember to get the proof of postage with the tracking reference number on it.

    Once you have that then you dont need to worry about anything. all going well you should receive a bill at either £0.00 or for the amount you used on the contract. Then thats it, contract ended.

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    Thanks - seems like the return may have gone beyond the cooling-off period with all the added time involved.

    I didn't see any mention of a return code on the conditions for a dongle. Looks like I will have to go down the legal route. I'm sure many will have to go through this so I'll look to put it up as a group action. I see the Guardian newspaper dealt with them quite efficiently from other forums. Anyone else have problems returning items and cancelling? I used a non-3 mobile to use up vouchers and spent over £25 on 2 calls so far to Cussy Services, so it might save others in future. Cheers!
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