Three mobile broadband users?

    I signed up for mobile broadband about 6 months ago. I have been experiencing extremely poor uploads and download speeds .I complained about 2 months ago and three replaced the usb dongle.

    The situation doesnt seem to have improved so I've complained again and its now been esculated. Three have asked me to log my uploads and downloads speeds on

    the speeds are

    Date/Time Up Down
    20th January 2009 19:44:13 82 Kbps 113 Kbps
    17th January 2009 18:58:25 25 Kbps 211 Kbps
    17th January 2009 17:51:44 67 Kbps 116 Kbps
    Average Speeds: 58 Kbps 147 Kbps

    Has anyone else had this problem ? what is the next step ? is there anyway of ending the contract due to poor service ?

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