Three Mobile Contract.. WANT AN iPHONE!

    Really want an iphone.

    Got 11 months left on a three contract.

    Thinking of, selling Nintendo Wii (which i just do not play on.. play on ps3 only really)... ipod nano, and my LG viewty to fund, paying £220 to Three to get out the contact and £159 for the iphone.

    I just don't know though.

    Is it worth it? I'm thinking not.... but it's just when you really want something....


    How much for nano?

    Where you get the iPhone for £159 ?

    taking another contract i guess and paying the 169 for the iphone

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    Yep, taking out an o2 contract and paying £159 for the 16gb version. Will have to have a think. It's better having something i want than a white box called a wii sitting there not getting used. But i just begrudge paying three £220 to leave them.

    Black 8gb nano.... mint condition... about £83.. CeX are offering £83 cash :-)

    keep the 3 contract and give it to a family member to pay off like give them some money for keeping therefore you wont have to pay £220 aatleast !!

    hi this might help
    Been to my local O2(bournemouth) shop today and asked them if they will have Iphone on payas u go, they said yes next month.
    And a Apple promised it will be cheaper then old one!
    SO Possible u will be able to get an 3g iphone for less the 249£
    i want the new iphone too but it will cost around 800£ total, so i will wait till next month see what will happen
    hope that helps :))))

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    Cheers Jeff

    Will have to wait and see. Thought about it a little more and i really can't justify loosing that much money, selling those things and doubling my monthly outgoings for a phone to £40ish just for a iphone.

    Will wait and see!

    Tried to get my GF to get my contract but she wouldn't have non of it.

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    Question is though, if it does come out on PAYG, would it be possible to pop i 3 sim card in.. i would think not.

    Would need unlocking which i'm not too sure about doing. Rather stay legit and updated so to speak.

    Plus.... I would spend too much on PAYG if that was the only option.

    Will just have to wait and see i suppose.

    fair enough you want iphone. instead of paying off 3 in one go why not just pay your monthly installments at least it keeps costs down now? or as someone suggested give it to a family member or someone trustworthy who will not abuse the phone and will pay the bill each month.

    dont meen to b rude mate but u would b mad to do that!

    to b willing to spend £150 on a phone u then have to pay £40 a month 4 18months is mad on its own....but to pay £220 on top is crazy!!

    that would make the phone £820 (if my adding is correct)!

    if u do decide to go ahead i would buy your viewty for £70 but to b honest u would b mad to go ahead!
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