Three mobile existing customers can get the £20 deal for £16 if they take out another contract.

Posted 22nd Feb
Was looking at getting the 12gb/Unlimited mins/Messages for £10 deal for my son and the guy working at the three shop said the he could reduce the contract I'm currently on to £16 from £20 as I was taking out another contract, not much of a saving but a saving none the less, this deal was a hidden instore deal that they will not offer if you ring customer services and the new £16 contract was for 24 months.
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My thoughts are 24 months is a long time for a sim only contract...
Unlim data is available from £8/m on a 3 12month SIMO. Depends if your're fussed about unlim mins. MO:
start the £8/m 8GB unlim mins+txt 12m SIMO via TCB with £42+ cashback, then soon after receipt of the SIM chat to terminate the contract under 14day off-premises cooling-off legislation. Three will move heaven and earth to retain your business during this period and will happily trade some of the unlimited minutes in exchange for unlimited data; typical result is unlim data + 600mins + unlim txt at same price, or £1 more if you can't be bothered to be forceful. This MO is a priceplan change, not an upgrade.…le/
Variation on the MO quoting last year's earlier price / cashback at…017
or if you with three 30gb data, unlimited mins and texts and free month,tennrr
30GB for £16 no fuss:

Just type in any random email ending in as Three don't verify student emails (just an excuse to offer discount). Unlimited mins and texts as well.

@AndyRoyd's method is better but if you prefer something 100% guaranteed this may be more interesting.
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