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Posted 14th Nov
I recieved a letter informing me that my old contract 500 mins 100 text unltd data is being phased out. They are putting me on 12gb unltd mins & texts for £11. Anyone else got a letter?
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How much are you currently paying 3 for the 500 mins etc? I did not think they could do that unless you are trying to upgrade etc.
If your current plan /deal suits you I would fight your corner with them if only to get the £11 reduced further.
There’s plenty people on 3 who have after they’ve done a year negotiated unlimited calls/texts/data for less than £11 per month
They're not budging. £11 for 12gb or £18 for 30gb
I'm paying £8.72
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Tiyaj14/11/2019 18:25

They're not budging. £11 for 12gb or £18 for 30gbI'm paying £8.72

Demand to speak to a supervisor and if no joy try a recorded letter to HQ.
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