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    Hello all
    I was just wondering what people think about Three. I was thinking about going through them to get an Iphone as they seem to have some good deals, however, I have read some real horror stories about them online and am not so sure now. I thought the good folk on here might have some experience (good or bad).
    Many thanks!


    i was with them for 3 years had no problems with signal or billing customer services are all indian but they are with lots of companys now.

    I've found their shop staff to be a total joke, they'll try to sell you whatever gets them the most commission and flatly refuse to sell anything if they're short on stock and can make more ££ by selling to someone else. . .

    Best people to ask are friends/family etc. See if anyone in your area has had a three mobile and can tell you what the coverage will be in your area. Everyone has different opinions on all companies, depending on their own experiences so very hard to see how good/bad a company is.


    I switched from vodafone last week.

    3g signal is epic - available in far more places than vodafone. 2g also seems good - when it drops, geneerally its 5 bars or bust.

    What IS a pain in the **** is that because you are effectively roaming networks (3 (3g) and orange), its not like going from 2g to 3g on another network - and it sometimes forgets to check.

    Theres been a few times I've had to do a network search.

    Ive been with them for 4 years on a phone contract and the last 18 months on a mobile broadband contract.
    only had one problem in that time and that was the local mast getting struck by lightning.
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