"Three Mobile Phone Contract"

    Thinking of going to 3 when my contract with vodafone ends.

    Just browsing…omp

    Does anyone know if theres a catch with any of these contracts? Or is it just the £15/£20 a month for 18 months

    Is there any quidco?

    What do i get free? Like vdownlaods, or do i?



    The catch is basically they hope you'll become a heavy caller or texter being stuck on that tariff for one and half years.

    If you don't mind the long period or better deals you can get on more cumbersome cashback deals and with dealing with Indian CS, this isn't bad imo.

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    Well my contract doesnt run out til november. I'll look then, because i call a fair bit, and text a fair bit, so i think i'd really need at least 400 each, but i only have around £20 a mth to spend
    12/18mth contract doesnt worry me..

    I'd be tempted to take an extra month with Vodafone, just so you can pac into one of the mad pre-xmas cashback deals which ALWAYS appear in the 4-5 weeks before Dec. 25th, but that does mean you need to be able to abide by the cashback conditions to benefit.

    N95 on 6months free/12months half price or better I would imagine will appear.

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    When my contract expires i can cancel anytime as longas i give a months notice and dont renew yah?

    Say you ordered that contract on Nov 10th, 2006, it expires Nov 9th 2007.
    You'd have to give noticed on October 10th to cancel at exactly 12months.

    Instead leave it until Nov 10th (at which point you'll be on a rolling contract but 1months notice still applies) and ask for a pac code, then you have until the end of Nov to apply the pac (pac may last 28days but you need to apply at 20th day latest to ensure it gets applied in time)

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    Well i dont mind gonig onto payasyougo for a month, asi have a PAYG one currently

    My contract atm is pretty rubbish to say i talk/text alot

    £20 a mth 75min/100 texts 12mth contract

    When does your contract end?

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    13th November 2007

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    Do i have to send the phone i got with the contract back?

    No the phone is yours.

    October 12th ask for a pac and:

    Go to PAYG like you said

    Go to Three like which would be simple

    Wait until late Nov/early Dec for a cashback deal.

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    do i have to pay for a pac

    no they should give it to you there on the call

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    what does a pac actually do?

    sorry im a bit dumb with phones.

    Allow your new network to take your old mobile number and point it towards your new PAYG/Contract sim.

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    see i dont really want to keep my old number, so can i just request them to cancel my contract


    see i dont really want to keep my old number, so can i just request them … see i dont really want to keep my old number, so can i just request them to cancel my contract

    Yes of course, but it's the 30 days notice as schizo mentioned earlier. It is much easier and quicker getting and using the PAC. Even if you just give it to a PAYG SIM and never use it, it will end the contract easier and with no messing about. IMO.

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    So i get the pac, ring up say the new simcard prov and give them the pac?

    dino is right kind of right, they might forget to cancel the direct debit, I always do this MYSELF no matter what the company says.

    Get the pac from voda and give it to your payg provider yes.

    I have between 5 and 8 contracts running a year and that is the way I cancel the contracts. I use the PAC and port (transfer) the number to a new contract or PAYG sim until I'm ready to port it again.
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