Three mobile phone coverage

    If anyone could help it would be much appreciated. We are looking to take a new contract out and three seem to have a good deal on the E71 (what we want) for £20 per month with 200 minutes anytime unlimited texts and email (fair usage) for 18 months. Quidco is £47.50 as well, but is three coverage any good now ? What is coverage for calls and email like in the Balearic islands ? Any personal experience would be most appreciated !


    Hard to say what coverage will be like in the Balearic's, you'd be using which ever network 3 have a roaming agreement with and all roamers are treated like second class citizens.
    Also data can be very expensive once you roam, up to £10 a meg. I've seen people with £500+ bills after going away. . .

    I have been with 3 for 2 years,just got my new contract.They do have good deals and decent coverage,but terrible customer services.I think their call centres are based in India and people are extremly pushy trying to sell you things.They are not very helpfull to be honest with you.I just got brand new phone that I have problems with and they wouldn't offer me a replacement,all I can do is buy another phone which is compatible with 3 and have mine repaired because they don't have any loan phones available and that really ****** me off.If I had known that I would have not renew my contract.I used to have 2 phones with them and I renewed only 1 contract,but I went through extremely difficult process of trying not to renew the second contract.It took over an hour on the phone for me to actually cancel it,cos sales person was offering me whatever deals they could come up with so I would stay,but I told them clearly that I only need 1 phone and that's it!They just wouldnt take no for an answer and honestly I felt like being bullied to stay with them.It got to the point that I started swearing at them,ask for a supervisor,took sales person name and made formal complaint! Got a phone call from headquarters (another Indian lad!) and they said they are sorry and they have sent sales person to get retrained because he was too pushy and wouldn't take simple request from me.I know one thing for sure and that is,next time my contract expires I will NEVER go to 3 again because they are way toooo pushy sales people.I would rather pay a bit more and have decent UK based customer services which you can call anytime and feel like talking to someone who listens and tries to help rather than someone who takes your phone call and treats you as if you were stealing bread from their table..
    Good luck to you on whatever you decide

    been with Three for over 3 years now, the signal etc cant fault it and im the only one thats gets signal anywhere in house, others are on o2 and orange and they dotn get a signal downstairs.

    The only bad thing about them is their Customer Support they are totally useless at that.

    be carefull though once you put the sim in the phone they will not take it back, so make sure you have looked at the phone you want first.

    i will be moving away from them when my contract expires only cause i want to get an Iphone
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