Three Mobile retention deals, pls post yours

Found 28th Aug 2007
I like many others got the Nokia 6630 500mins TheLink deal in Nov 05, that was renewed on a £5 for 12months on 100sms/100txt no new handsetand barely used.

I called to cancel the contract quoting better retention deals that people on MSE have quoted and quoting 12months free rental + midrange handset cashback contract deals online from the likes of coolnewmobile etc, to no avail and was offered a measily DTT600 for £12/m with no handset. Then I was told I could not cancel the contract 65days before the contract was due to end, which I'm curious how legal that is considering I was willing to pay off any leftover payment if any. AFAIK you can end any contractual period if you will settle up anything owed on contractual period contracts.

Anyways I wouldn't mind knowing what deals people have gotten recently, with a handset or no, please.
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You can always offer to pay the contract up, i cannot understand why you have been told this. Ask to speak to a supervisor. I offered this, it's just a fee based on time left x monthly charge, so for you should be about £12 plus pennies.

I have heard of lots of folks get the £5 a month deal, ]3G Forum thread all about current retention deals.

Perhaps you got someone having a bad day or they have withdrawn the offers for lesser ones....
Not a three deal but as a low mobile user, was looking for best deal. Was with 02 on £15 per month for minutes and text - never used all.

Contacted retentions and after a lot of haggling, wound up with 200mins and 200txt for less than £5 per month. No handset but happy with the one I have. Much cheaper than PAYG. Hard to find deals when you are a low user. Very pleased
I don't mind waiting a couple of weeks if it means possibly getting a better deal.

Thx for the 3g forum link.
You almost always get a better deal once in the final 30 days of your contract i believe. Ring up with 30 days left, ask for PAC code, see what they offer you, and then just wait and see. The 10 day retention team i believe they are called at 3, will call you when in the final days of your notice period.

I have no dealings with these since i have always upgraded early lol cos i have got bored with my old handset but will be more stubborn this time
My Sis got offered a choice of quite a few mobiles on their website and 750 minutes, plus £5 free download, free texts etc for £15 P/M.
Or as above but no free phone for £7.50 P/M.

They tried to offer me the above last week but I'm fed up of speaking to somebody who cannot speak English. I have been with Three for about 5 years and that's it. I stuck with their **** useless Customer nonService for that long because of the free minutes, but all the other Networks compete now so the incentive is gone.
Good riddance to a naff service centre.
Have to agree Dino, i've been championing the Leave 3 brigade on here and have been chided for so doing. I have been happy with 3, great value but when it goes wrong it's a nightmare but that is for another day, another thread.......
Ive been with three for 2 years and have 3 different lines with them

When i called to see what retention offers they have, they offered me 20pm for 300 mins +150 text for all 3 lines

New customers get 500 mins for the same amount, so they really thought of a great retention deal there didnt they

They tried with new offers and went down to 13pm for 300 mins +150 texts but thats still not a great retention deal and especially after being offered worse than new customers get i handed in my 30 day notice for all 3 lines

Not happy at all
I'll probably be trying the pac @ 1month left while using up all texts and mins to infer I'm a heavy user and might go over any tariff they give me so they think i'll spend ££££££, light users get poor retentions it seems.

If no decent offer in the last 10days, i'll use the pac on a spare active virgin payg sim I have.

Previously I've seen people get 500mins/200sms a month or so for £5/year, with the credit for those tariffs paid up front minus £5 no phone though.

Unless I get something similar, bye bye Three, plenty of cashback contracts I can go to.
yeah hopefully ill get offered something like that

but we'll see
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